I definitely find myself blogging less at the moment; which you can probably tell as my previous post was done over a month ago. I’ve still been stylishly working it, wearing all kinds of cute outfits and having a little fun on the gram but dedicating a whole post to one look... well it’s been a while - but for an outfit as fabulous as this you know I had to do a full blog post on it.

I mean can we just take a moment to appreciate this blouse in all it’s fabulous glory! The big puff sleeves, the sheer fabric, the pointy collar plus the little polka dots that are the cherry on top. It is definitely a collectible piece and can be style anywhere from casual to fancy, all depending on the rest of your look. I went for a middle point of casual fanciness which is where I normally hangout. Styling my gorgeous top; knotted at the waist with a fabulous t- length tulle skirt; rock n roll meets ballerina is totally the vibe I get while wearing it! Plus it swooshes around as you move making you feel all playful, couple more steps and you’re twirling (just kidding) but you totally want to! Now I’m going to let you in on my secret to how I get almost any fancy look down to casually fancy, this is pure gold ladies and gentlemen so read up...sneakers ! Not just any sneakers though, keep those running shoes purely for workout purposes I’m talking stylish trainers; converse, vans and the like...I’ll give you one “guess” as to what my go to is! But in all seriousness that is the easiest way to up the casual feel of any outfit; pair it with a matching bag although in my case I tied a polka dot scarf around the handle for a little added touch, beautiful yet simple gold jewelry, a cute hairdo and you are looking absolutely fabulous. Combination styling a casually fancy outfit at it's finest, that’s not to say I can't wait to pair this top with my favorite pair of denim jeans when it gets cold stay tuned!

Zara blouse | Minimum skirt | Converse sneakers | Free People bag | Mr. Miller by Rinat jewels

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