When it comes to shopping and buying clothes I’m usually one to not buy something unless I know I can wear an item multiple ways with different pieces in my closet. However there comes a time usually during the sales that I might just get something that I can only think of one way to wear it because it is just too fabulous to pass up!

This absolutely gorgeous white linen blouse is one of those pieces. It was such a bargain ladies and gentlemen you have no idea! So of course that made it an immediate yes once I tried it on even though my only ideas for styling it involved denim. Alas a couple of weeks later I found the most adorable shorts that I ever did see. I mean how cute are these pink with black polka dot shorts with that little ruffle along the bottom that is just so flattering to the upper thigh and even though you can’t see with this top they are extremely high waisted (which we know is a major bonus for me). I wholly adore the style combination of this outfit; utterly feminine with the frill and lace detailing of the blouse and as I stated whimsically adorable with the matching frill and polka dots of the shorts. It’s with this combination in mind that I chose my accessories; cute little gold love heart earrings, a classically shaped black straw back with a tied pink scarf to match the shorts and a pair of fabulous black espadrilles that believe it or not are about 20 years old - thank you mum!Now if your not into these adorable shorts even though how can you not be, a fun summer short or printed pant possibly floral will work just as well with a blouse like this. As always there is just so much fun to be had when you feel free and confident to experiment in the pairing of styles.

Z:ro to Sky blouse | Zara shorts & bag | Easton Pearson espadrilles | Marc Jacobs sunglasses

*both the top & shoes unfortunately do not have a social media or web presence*

Photography by Regina Raz

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