It’s been a good long minute since I’ve done a full blog post. So I thought I would start off again with one of my favorite tried and true methods of styling; To build and create an outfit around a single piece whether it is an one article of clothing or an accessory. In this particular case I created a an outfit around the most deliciously fabulous handbag

(pun intended).

Ladies and gentlemen it is a hand made raffia watermelon bag !! I mean enough said game over no need to go on. Just kidding I’m going on about it as it is undoubtedly one the coolest pieces I now own...yay me! A bag this fun and fabulous is a relatively easy piece to style as all you really want to do is amplify it rather than get too creative and risk overshadowing it. That being said I kept the styling to a chic yet complimentary level with an crisp white oversized men's shirt; and when I say men’s shirt I truly mean it, as this is actually a vintage groomsmen shirt found on a trip to Sweden (thanks mum). It is also the definition of oversized being that it is a men's shirt and having it out puts it at mid thigh which undoubtedly swallows me up, but being a bit creative with it I tucked both unbuttoned sides into my gorgeous and matching red distressed cutoffs creating the illusion of stick out pockets...surprise it’s just the shirt! Furthermore because the piece de-resistance is an accessory I chose the rest of my details the same way I did the clothes matching and complimentary; with awesome red high-top sneakers, a white watch, gorgeous blue earrings to balance and enhance the blue of the bag and finally a little floral print scarf on my wrist just to add that extra pop! Overall the outfit is a simple one white top, red shorts not too complicated by any means but add those layers of accessories or even just the delicious bag and you have yourself a winning look!

Jamin Puech bag | Oneteaspoon shorts | Convserse hightops | Daniel Wellington watch | H&M earrings

*shirt is vintage*

Photography by Regina Raz

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