Sales, vintage and restyling, three things that I adore and can’t resist. They make up the bulk of my wardrobe and also happen to make up almost the entirety of this fabulous Audrey Hepburn business chic inspired outfit. Yes I know I’m bringing the business look back again; I just can’t help it, it’s just too good plus I decided to go for a little oversizing this time around to mix it up a bit.

But back to those three little things, I truly don’t think there is a person alive who doesn’t love a good sale. It’s the magical S word that will have anyone stopping mid stride to take a closer look; it is within those wonderful times of the year that I found this amazing Ralph Lauren plaid blazer, it truly has that perfect “big” fit where you still look super chic even though it is extremely oversized because we all know how easy it is to look like you are 10 years old playing dress up with your dads jackets. Now I know first hand that not everyone loves vintage and it’s quiet often under appreciated but ladies and gents some true gems and collectibles can be found amongst the treasure troves of vintage stores..it just takes a bit more searching. Like say these beyond fabulous high waisted trousers, I feel like I am straight out of a scene from ‘Out of Africa’ wearing them. I did however have to get them taken in by a tailor as you so often have to do with vintage pieces but ohh it is so worth it!!! And lucky for me my blazer although in a different tone goes so perfectly with the trousers.

Any-who last but not least is the aspect of restyling which I do talk a lot about up on here as it is a integral part of my styling process; if you haven’t guessed by now or remember the last couple of times I’ve worn this, this is the third time I have styled this ‘scarf crop top’ all in different ways but nonetheless the very same scarf. It’s what I love doing because you really shouldn’t ever wear things just once...you have to mix it up, tweak it a little and re-wear it over and over! All in all my entire outfit would have to be under $300 including my adorable pompom sandals, straw handbag and gorgeous earrings and necklace. So you see why I adore those three things and can’t resist them, because combined the can create an outfit like this!

Ralph Lauren blazer | Zara sandals & bag | Amaro earrings | Vintage trousers & clock necklace

photography by Regina Raz

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