I adore how versatile fashion is; how there truly is every style that you can think of for whatever your flavor, style or mood is there is always something to be found. Undoubtedly I am someone who jumps from one style to another depending on the day and for me that is what makes fashion so fun, that you can choose what you want and how you want because it’s all there for the wearing.

It’s in the way I can go from an extreme business rocker look in the last post to this whimsical yet absolutely fabulous fringe tiered cardigan without batting an eyelash. I mean seriously how chic is this knit cardigan with all its frou-frouness and over the top deliciousness it simply couldn’t be passed up, plus I bought it for an absolute steal..thank you sales! This is a statement piece ladies and gentlemen and you all know how I love those; they also happen to be the easiest to style as the rest of the outfit can and should be relatively simple. I went for a vintage inspired distressed pair of denim jeans with fringed bottoms that complimented the cardigan wonderfully. A lovely silk and lace camisole that adds a touch of sensual sexiness combined with matching pink earrings, a cute gold bicycle necklace, my favorite sneakers and a net bag. All the pieces of my outfit match and enhance the fabulousness of the cardigan. It really is all about enjoying the process of creating new and exciting looks that are either from the same style or 180 degrees in the opposite direction; what ever floats your style boat.

Chaser cardigan | Sugar daddy jeans | H&M earrings | Converse sneakers

*unfortunately sugar daddy doesn't exist anymore so its not linked*

Photography by Regina Raz

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