If you guys didn’t believe or fully understand my love of business casual dressing you will after this post. It is one of the styles that I tend to gravitate towards simply because it’s so chic and I love the way I look and feel while wearing an outfit with a business-esk vibe...basically a boss ready and waiting to take on anything!

Now for those of you lovely people that are wondering how to go about styling an outfit in this realm of amazingness I’m going to tell you, we’ll call it ‘Ella’s starter pack to looking fabulously casual in a boss way’ the first item you will need in almost every situation is a crisp white button up, fitted or oversized that is up to you. My look for this post consisted of borrowing one of my dads shirts for that true oversized look. Next you will probably need a blazer or a vest not generally styled together but as you can see it is pretty darn fabulous when they are. It was actually pure happenstance that this amazing halter neck vest - so chic with its double breast and corset shape (the best for enhancing your natural figure FYI) matched perfectly with this classic plaid blazer that I had hanging around in my closet. Now because your not actually going for full on board meeting attire there comes a time to mix it up. I did that here with peekaboo black denim cut offs, fabulous black leather boots with silver buckles, a chunky silver chain necklace and little silver zipper earrings - to add edgy rocker to the mix creating the casualness in which I speak of, while still going a bit back towards the other side with a classic box bag for the finish. In the end there are a multitude of ways to style business casual but it all starts with taking one classic piece either a button down, a blazer, vest or even suit pants and mixing it with another chosen style to create the ultimate outfit.

Esprit blazer | Ralph Lauren button up & bag | Metisse boots | Oneteaspoon shorts |

* my vest is vintage *

photography by Regina Raz

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