Edgy and feminine are two words that do not conjure up close to the same image or feelings. The two are separate, usually appearing without the other but as always in life and especially in the world of fashion things can sometimes come together to create something unique and fabulous.

Different shapes, textures and fabrics are usually what define a piece of clothing as edgy or feminine so to get that perfect combination you need to mix and match the two. I was lucky enough to get this fabulous jacket for my birthday, it is definitely the epitome of the two worlds; feminine for it’s gorgeous pailette sleeves and puffy shoulders and edgy for the amazing structured denim body. Let’s just say when I unwrapped that gift I was shook. While styling this I actually went back and forth quite a bit trying to figure out which direction I wanted to go in - keeping on the rocker theme of the jacket or going for something different and as seen in the end the continued mixture of the soft and hard won out. Going for a stunning pair of silver almost steel like linen pants that definitely highlighted the pailette’s, as well as a beautiful sheer silk button up that I decided to knot above my waist, I did also leave it rather undone which I’m lucky enough to do because of my smaller bust. Everything I wore played in the realm of mixing those two ideas together even my accessories; a silver metal chain necklace, silver hoop earrings accented with blue ribbons, a lovely baby blue clutch. This whole outfit is a ying and yang flow of feminine and edgy while being dare I say a fabulous party outfit? The colors the pailettes even the converse on my feet can be seem strutting home after a fun night out. And for those who aren't feeling the bared belly can easily tuck a shirt in or have it hanging loose depending on your comfortability. So play lovelies find your mixes in fashion and in life and create some fabulousness.

Generation love jacket | Ralph Lauren pants | Sack's top | Furla bag | Converse sneakers

*do not remember where I got my necklace from & my earrings are basic silver hoops with ribbon bows*

Photography by Regina Raz

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