On one of my latest posts on Instagram I mention the concept of restyling. Which is definitely something known or heard of when you think fashion and styling, although it’s not a concept that is exactly pushed by here and now trend fashion but for me it is definitely something we should all learn and practice as it truly gives you the option of a bunch of new outfits.

Take my stunning peach colored wool blazer, it’s chicness and elegance is one that deserves to see the light of day as many times as it can until the weather says no more! Even though I usually always belt my blazers the rest of the outfit is always changing. Last time I posted about this blazer I wore a white button up underneath and a pair of mom jeans (chic yet casual). Because it is officially spring I wanted to go for a more light and airy feel so I paired the blazer with a lovely peach pleated skirt, which also happened to have styled numerous times up on here; from western chic to edgy rocker it has been able to flow from one to another effortlessly. This time however I decided to get a little more creative with the skirt by tying a corner of it up around my belt creating a gorgeous spiral shell shape as well as adding layers and volume. As always accessories are what make up the rest of any outfit and in this case I just wanted them all to seamlessly blend; tan leather boots, a little straw handbag that went with the more country-esk vibe I had going on. Beautiful marble pink earrings that I actually bought on my way to shooting this outfit and a lovely little vintage brooch. All in all I have two pieces in my wardrobe that I have styled and restyled to create amazing yet different outfits. So I challenge you to head on into your wardrobes and find some pieces that you love to wear and work out how you can restyle them into multiple different looks.

Ralph Lauren blazer | Bruce Field skirt | Alef Alef boots | H&M earrings | Zara bag

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