My fondness for plaid is here to stay ladies and gentlemen. I’ve always loved a good check or gingham print so it was only natural for the little plaid to catch me eye. I am also forever thankful that it rose to trend level this season so I was able to pick out some fabulous pieces.

Among the fabulous pieces I have found this season is a gorgeous red, black and white double breasted long coat and we all know how much of a staple long coats are in your winter wardrobe and when you find a plaid print you know it better be in your wardrobe that same day. Another staple for any closet is a good blazer and if any of you follow me you know I’m a blazers number one fan and let me tell you that this classically tailored red one is beyond chic! Therefore the idea of styling two pieces that I adore together was too amazing to pass up and I seriously couldn’t be happier with how they looked together all layered up like a perfect 2 tier Michelin cake...delicious! A fantastic thing to note about my little layered look is that it is a great example of a high low combination being that the coat is beyond affordable while the blazer is on the pricier side. Furthermore one of the best additions to a majorly red outfit in my opinion is a good classic pair of clean denim as it adds to the chicness but also keeps the look casual - I did that by way of a high waisted mom fit. But like anything in life a good outfit needs a finish and that is always done by way of accessories; mine for this look were an adorable little red box bag, high top white converse and a gorgeous pair of black and white hoop earrings that added a lovely contrast to the plaid print of the coat.It truly all comes back to the coat, as it was the piece I styled my whole look around. I am oh so very happy that I found it and you can bet I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for any future signs of the plaid.

Bershka coat | Ralph Lauren Blazer | Zara jeans & bag | Converse high tops

unfortunately I don't know the brand of my earrings as I bought them from a little local boutique but you can find similar ones online (marble hoop earrings)

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