Suits have been around for about four hundred years, I know that’s a crazy amount but for us ladies we’ve only been wearing them since the 1920’s and thanks to some gorgeous Hollywood starlets like Audrey Hepburn who by looking beyond fabulous made them trendy. In truth I’ve always wanted to buy a suit but for some unexplained reason never got around to it, but I’ve had a taste and let me tell you it was a good one.

It wasn’t until my adorable sister bought this amazing pearl two piece for me that I can safely say I now have my very first suit and it is definitely a chic one. One of the things I adore most about suits is how even though they are traditionally masculine, the way they are designed today also offsets a sort of elegance and in my opinion femininity not only in the way it can mold to your figure when tailored correctly but with the strength and confidence you can exude while wearing a suit in other words you feel like a total boss. Now because my lovely suit is on the edgier side with its color I wanted to take that all the way styling it with a dark grey graphic Pink Floyd tee with hints of purple that I think highlight the pearl within the suit perfectly. Although my accessories is really where I let the edginess out going for double layered chain necklaces, silver hoops, a matching black and silver hand bags and a cute pair of sneakers to give it a little bit of casual street style. The piece de resistance that for me took this whole look to another level has to be my hair styled in a vintage rockabilly way and tied with a matching purple bandana - I mean how cute is it! But seriously ladies and gentlemen suits are beyond fabulous not only do they make a man look suave and put together but they make us women look chic, elegant and oh so fabulous while simultaneously giving us that boost of confidence to go do want needs to be done. In the simplest terms go buy a suit it will not only make you look fabulous but feel fabulous too!

Top Shop suit | Junkfood Clothing t-shirt | Premiata sneakers | Luana bag

Photography by Regina Raz

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