Once upon a time there was a lovely woman who fell in love with a beautiful bag and from that day forth she collected them whenever she could. Years past and her love of those bags was passed on to her daughter and together they styled fabulous outfits around these gorgeous bags, living happily ever after - the end.

I am no Walt Disney but I think I tell a pretty good But seriously mum and I have a serious love affair with these stunning hand crafted Parisian bags and in no uncertain terms they are 100% works of wearable art. Speaking of art there is one to styling and creating outfits; one of my best tips to share is to choose a piece whether it be a jacket, top, shoes or an accessory and work your way from there - it’s a layering game, picking like colors or ones that simply go together until you have your desired outfit. So when you have a piece as gorgeous as this you definitely style your outfit around it, it’s not just a casual afterthought. Going off the wonderful pink colors; I chose a fabulously chic and perfectly tailored blush pink wool blazer that I belted at the waist to give me even more figure definition. Further keeping with the more classic theme I paired the blazer with a crisp white button down, but if any of you know me you'll know I never really keep to one consecutive theme, styling my elegant top half with a relaxed street style of washed mom jeans and a pair of high top converse. My accessories not including my oh so lovely bag are gorgeous beaded earrings with complimenting colors to the bag and an adorable little pink bow to give it a little bit of whimsicalness. The truth is these beautiful bags are an investment piece some girls save for the day they can buy that classic brand name handbag but my ultimate bag is definitely one of these wearable pieces of art. In all honesty I hope you all have/find that magical accessory or collectible piece that you can treasure and pass your adoration for on.

Jamin Puech bag | Ralph Lauren blazer | Insight51 jeans | Country Road button up | Amaro earrings | Converse hightops

Photography by Regina Raz

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