I am happy to announce that I am officially part of the faux fur fluffy club! I know I wore a fluffy coat last season but it was mums and she is usually the fluffy one but it’s by virtue of this amazing high necked red jacket bought by yours truly that I now enter this fabulous group and let me tell you it is a chic and cozy place to be.

Now those who know a little about the goings on of Girl, I Got You know I’m mostly about collectible pieces rather than what’s on trend. Although every now and again I do jump on board the trend train and even though I am definitely late to this fashion game I am absolutely happy that my first dip into the fluffy world is by way of this jacket. To style a jacket like this one I would usually go for a more low key look underneath like a simple tee or knitted sweater and I will definitely be doing that but this time I wanted a more of a wowie moment. So I styled my go to white button up underneath a cute red graphic sweater which added a bit of quirkiness to the outfit. A pair of skin tight pleather pants (that totally make me feel like Sandra dee) and to finish; black leather converse, a vintage black leather that I got for the fabulous price of $7 thank you vintage and a cute pair of gold love heart earrings cause I’m cute like that. The end all to be all is I am in it to win it in this fluffy oh so cozy red jacket it’s a perfect fixture for a winter wardrobe that will give you the hat fabulous pop of color you were missing!

Zara jacket | South Parade sweater | Cheap Monday pants | Converse sneakers

Photography by Regina Raz

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