Lovely people I have been waiting so patiently for the time to come to whip out these absolutely gorgeous red leather pants. I bought them on sale back in August which is mid summer over here and lord knows you do not under any circumstances wear leather let a lot leather pants in mid summer, no sir you do not!

But alas the time came and I couldn’t be more excited not only are they beyond fabulous, totally edgy but with some series elegant chicness to them due to the high waist an added belt. It also happens to be close to Christmas and they are that perfect holiday red to get you in the mood. Deciding to continue on with my theme of dressing this week (if anyone has seen on Instagram) and styled my fabulous pants with a fun red and white check button up, tucked in and buttoned all the way to the neck. I am really loving the style of a double layered pattern so above my lovely check shirt went a big multi colored check coat giving the look an added texture with a light, casual fun vibe as well. Topping it off with my trusty white converse, little red leather bag and really cute blue statement earrings that give the whole outfit a bit whimsical feel which I adore and think took it to another level.

But back to the star of the outfit..the pants, I know some of you will shy away from a pair like this maybe because of the color or fear of the price of leather I did get them on sale, (only way to buy leather clothing) which is a lot cheaper than what a leather piece would be. You can easily go for a black pair as it’s a more safe and versatile color - the shape and fit of these pants though is what I would highly recommend as they really compliment your figure without being tight around the legs if that’s an issue for you, they can also be worn down low on your hips - more boyfriend like because of the elastic waist. The bottom line is they are fabulous, perfect for winter and get you in the holiday mood...what more could you want!

Sacks pants | Ralph Lauren shirt | Zara coat | H&M earrings | World family Ibiza bag

Photography by Regina Raz

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