When styling an outfit I usually pick one piece to start with whether it be a top, jeans or jacket and build the entire outfit from there. But this week it all started from the most stunning shoes I have ever encountered, a pair so fabulous that Carrie Bradshaw would be get my drift ladies they are beyond and I kind of understand a little of what true love is now.

Any way as I said it all started with the shoes, these beautiful red satin beauties with their diamond buckles were the beginning of this outfit. Because of their luscious red color I wanted that to be the theme of the day. Styling a gorgeous classic red blazer over my favorite pair of denim mom jeans that are the perfect length to show off the heels. I decided to go for a more classic business vibe to contrast the shoes and give a little twist to the look, adding a men’s tie as my main accessory in complimenting colors of course. I added a little pops of silver and diamonds via my earrings and vintage clutch to match the shoes and again creating an interesting contrast between business casual and fanciness. As well as a play on high low styling, meaning my blazer and jeans are definitely affordable while my shoes are on the pricier side although I did get them at 80% off go me !!! The best part about them beyond them as a whole is that they are actually so versatile, I can style them with jeans as I’ve done and have it go seamlessly but they undoubtedly can be worn to any fancy event by styling them with a elegant dress or maybe some silk suit pants. The main point is that an outfit can be created from any one piece of clothing or accessories like my fabulous shoes.

Cesare Paciotti shoes | Zara blazer | Insight51 jeans | Ralph Lauren tie

*my bag is vintage*

Photography by Regina Raz

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