Following the topic of collectible pieces from last week, there is one item that is undoubtedly collectible that you might not even realize you have been acquiring consistently over the years. That my lovelies is denim! probably don’t even stop to think about picking up another denim piece on a shopping trip even if you have a good 10 pairs and 3 jackets already.

They are one of, if not the most versatile items of clothing you own. They easily transition from day to night as well as summer to winter, you can always wear denim. One of my utmost favorite ways to style denim is as a double denim ensemble. I had this gorgeous dark indigo denim jacket that I styled with a newly bought pair of super high waisted flared jeans in a matching shade which I was really happy about because they look like they are a set but they ain’t - go me ! Anyway when doing a double denim I love to break up the palette with a pop of color, graphic tee or fun print to add some excitement to it - hence this beautiful paisley blouse with lovely little frilled sleeves, it just goes so well with the darkness of the denim. Although I did have the most fun with the accessories as I sometimes like to do. Going for a bold burgundy pair of point toed booties, a stunning hand made embroidered bag (in the shape of a tulip no less), cute silver earrings and finally a matching colored silk scarf that I tied in a bow around my neck, I think it adds a little something whimsical and light to the whole look. But there you have it a super fun and chic way to style two collectible denim pieces that I am positive you have in your wardrobe.

Gucci jacket | Mango jeans | Parker blouse | E8 boots | Jamin Puech bag | Georgio Armani scarf

Photography by Regina Raz

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