This week is all about brining home the idea of collectible fashion as opposed to trends and fast fashion. I am definitely a partaker of what’s trending as I don’t just shop once every couple of years, that would just be ridiculous. But a huge part of my way of style is to buy and keep pieces hence the word collectible, ain’t no way I am throwing these babies away

Take this absolutely stunning gold silk organza skirt it is a vintage piece of mums that she bought when she was around my age (obviously we don’t reveal a lady’s age) but it’s around 20 years old and because of its amazing quality and not everyday wearability it has kept throughout the years and now I get to wear it and share its beauty with all of you - that's the true magic of collectibles. Now the gorgeous and classic lightweight jacket I styled my lovely skirt with might not be a vintage piece just yet but it is definitely one that will last me through the years to come. My top is a lovely silk scarf that I tied at the back into a crop, with all the matching and contrasting colors it made the look pop as well as adding some depth to the palette. For jewels I was gifted these beautiful stone earrings that of course go under the collectible headline as good jewelry always does. And on my feet you will be surprised to find no converse but my favorite autumn boots which I think add a wonderful olden day vibe to the whole outfit. It is definitely not your everyday outfit but a culmination of beautiful pieces bought and saved to inspire a new way of relating to fashion and style.

Ralph Lauren Jacket | Easton Pearson skirt | Amaro earrings | Chiaroscuro boots (can't find the link)

Photography by Regina Raz

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