Overalls oh how I adore you! Seriously ladies and gentlemen I really do enjoy a good overall from denim shorts, skirts, classic baggy to skinny and all of the above in soft fabrics they are all fabulous and in my opinion can be worn at any age and almost to any event depending on how you style and accessorize your pair!

Now you all know I am a street styler at heart, finding all the ways to make something wearable for your everyday looks...even if it’s a tad on the fancy side. Though I didn’t have to try hard at all with this outfit as denim overalls are definitely every day wear at their core! So I took this wonderful pair of skinny denim overalls straight out of my sisters closet (sharing is caring guys) put them in the wash to shrink them up a bit - lucky girl has a perkier booty than me haha and put them on...styling them with a gorgeous and slightly fancy striped blouse with its off the shoulder cut and 360 ruffle around the top, it was a wonderful blouse to style underneath the overalls to give the whole look a little something extra. Continuing a bit of a blue theme with blue high top converse and a mix blue and burgundy patterned neck scarf, but bringing a big unexpected pop of color with a burnt red embroidered hand bag that truly ties the whole outfit together in a unique way. And there you have it one fabulously styled pair of denim overalls and the best part is I can style the same pair in many other ways like a simple white tee or an even fancier top with a pair of matching heels for maybe a lunch or dinner out - the possibilities are endless and that is definitely half the fun!

Forever21 overalls | Parker blouse | Ipa Nima bag | Converse hightops

Photography by Regina Raz

Editing by Roscoe Raz

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