Life is about celebration, I’m not talking about birthdays or holidays even though those are wonderful too - I’m talking about the small magical moments that happen in between..the times of true enjoyment of laughter and of spending time with those you love in amongst all of life’s challenges.

The shoot we did this week is a true example of this. We styled this gorgeous end of summer outfit, a vintage white linen maxi dress (forever will be the most perfect summer dress option) paired with a super cute pink cropped denim jacket that I wore off the shoulders, by only buttoning up the last button and then subsequently pulling it down over my shoulders - just for a different more relaxed vibe. Topping off the the outfit with high top converse, layered gold necklaces, my favorite gold hoops and a gorgeous multicolored silk scarf that just tied the whole look together perfectly yet simultaneously added a little something extra. But beyond the fabulous outfit we decided to have a picnic and incorporate it into this weeks shoot and this is where the small yet significant celebration of life came in...once we finished shooting we put our phones down went swimming in the ocean then sat down to enjoy our lovely picnic as we watched the sun set. The point is that in between the hustle and bustle of life and the challenges we all go through there are these moments that are the true meaning of life and celebration... they are simple and sometimes can go unnoticed if we don’t stop for a minute to recognize it’s there, but they are and they are bountiful we only have to pause, lift our heads up, breathe and look around us and you can and will surprise yourself to find you have and are in those moments.

Collette Dinnigan dress | Bershka jacket | Converse sneakers

Photography by Regina Raz

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