Oh how I love a good overall, they come in all shapes and styles and are beyond versatile. Not only are they able to go from being casual day outfit into night one based on the style and accessories but can also be worn all year round, I mean they truly are a fabulous staple to have in your wardrobe.

Now I have multiple denim overall but none cuter than this little pale blue flared leg overall. With its high waist and tie wrap around it really is such a gorgeous and feminine piece. Continuing on with the more feminine vibe I styled my lovely overalls with a beautiful white blouse with fabulous ruffled layer sleeves - the sleeves truly add something special to the whole look... you can easily style this with a simple t-shirt, however going for a top with a little more embellished like a statement sleeve, turns a simple outfit into something more. Topping off this outfit with stripe espadrille flats in coordinating colors, a beautiful fan inspired clutch, but my ultimate accessory with this look is my hair! My poor sister tried like 700 times but we finally worked out how to get my short hair into a braided crown we then preceded to tie bows of ribbon around the top to create a lovely crown that truly adds a fun, whimsical yet ethereal vibe to the whole outfit. The main point is denim overalls are the bomb and in my opinion a must have in whatever shape and style suits you best and even your hairstyle can become an accessory that elevates your whole look!

Zara overalls | Jean Paul Gaultier top | Worldfamilyibiza bag | Gap espadrille flats

Photography by Regina Raz

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