Don’t you just love a gorgeous linen blazer? That’s chic but light weight so you can wear them all summer long, given that the rest of your look is heat appropriate. I found this fabulous pale pink tweed linen blazer on sale no less about 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t wait to find the perfect outfit to compliment it.

I’ve also been having a little love affair with silk scarfs lately wether they have been tied on my head or used as tops I am most certainly getting the wear time in. So I thought why not combined these two!So I did ! Styling my gorgeous blazer over a beautiful silk scarf with matching pink hues that I transformed into a stylish crop top by tying and wrapping it around my strapless bra (will do a tutorial). Pairing it with a pair of high waisted denim cutoffs - I obviously wanted to go for a high waist to keep the amount of skin shown to a minimum, where it’s still lush but totally chic. I went for a matching color scheme for the accessories as I like to do with wonderful beaded sandals and a beautiful hand made raffia bag, gold jewelry with my favorite hoops and a simple gold chain finished it all off. There is two main points to take away from this...linen blazers are fabulous, so versatile and just a pleasure to style all the time and silk scarfs are magical because depending on the length can be used as accessories, belts and my personal favorite lately tops all with a little bit of creativity - so I hope you find your favorite outfits and uses for these wonderful pieces and have the utmost fun creating new looks!

Massimo Dutti blazer | Forever21 shorts | Jamin Puech bag | Imayin sandals

Photography by Regina Raz

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