I have definitely always been more of a t-shirt and jeans/ cutoff kind of girl. However this summer I am finding myself wearing and or wanting to wear more dresses or little frilled tops as well as some serious floral “printage”. I am really loving the broadening of my style and absolutely enjoying the creative styling process of it all.

Take this gorgeous blue blouse with it’s wonderful orange flower print and matching tassels (it does have little straps, I just liked it better without them so I tucked them in) any-who in the past I would have most likely walked right on by this little number but this summer it was a definite yes please! It’s really a top that doesn’t need much as it is truly pretty on it’s own so all I needed to do was accentuate it as well as match it to bring all out the colors. I let the top do all the talking by pairing it with a cool pair of ripped low rider blue jeans, and by accessorizing my outfit with a gorgeous pair of orange statement earrings, a little blue denim hand bag, beautiful stone adorned sandals with matching colors and some gold jewelry, I wonderfully tied together and complimented not only the top but the outfit as a whole. So here is to broadening your style but still being comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, going for something you ‘feel’ you want to wear rather than what you would normally go for without thinking but most of all just have fun being creative with it all!

Carolina K top | Vanitas sandals | Zara jeans | Marc Jacobs bag | H&M earrings

*the sandals I have had for a long time so I don't know if their brand still exists as I can't find it

Photography by Regina Raz

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