Oh sets how I seriously adore you! One of the major trends for spring and summer this year have been sets - a matching bottom and top for those who happen not to know. They have been popping up in all different shapes, patterns and combinations that there has just been an abundance of gorgeousness out there ...and I need to find me some more haha

This little beauty is a gorgeous black set of a frill and lace crop and matching frilled skirt with

little purple daisies as a print. It’s so cute and feminine and as a whole just a really fun outfit to wear. Sets generally are also a really simple look to style as it basically is already styled together so all you have to do is accessorize your look. I went for white sneakers to lighten the black silk while adding a little sportiness to it, gorgeous amethyst earrings and complimentary ring and finally my lovely black straw bag. See how simple is that? Already combined outfit and 3 lovely accessories to tie it all together. Although the main benefit of finding and buying a set is that you actually get 3 outfits in one if bought correctly. As you can obviously wear the set together but you can also separate the pieces and style them with other garments. For example I can definitely wear this little crop with high waisted jeans or even a denim skirt or if I’m feeling fancy some tailored linen pants, likewise for the skirt maybe a simple white tee or a men’s button down - there is just so many options to be had when you find yourself a lovely set.

Love Shack Fancy set | Zara bag | Converse sneakers |

*unfortunately i don't know where my ring and earrings are from as I bought them so long ago

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