I’ve mentioned it before but it will forever be true, fashion is a merry go round things i.e. trends, pieces and styles are forever coming into view then going out again. Sometimes I am not a huge fan of pieces that have made there way back around again (I won’t get in to that now). However there are those that I am really into and actually prefer cause they seem to fit me in all the right places.

High waisted mom shorts, how 80s are these? even there light blue wash gives me major vintage feels. My actual mum isn’t a huge fan of these probably cause she lived through this fashion faze already but I have to say I am really getting the most out of them! For me I love that they don’t hug my thighs, but then make my booty look good and my waist look it’s actual size. Plus the fact that they are ridiculously high waisted means they really do reach my waist as I have quite a long torso. Due to the throwback vibes of these denim shorts I decided to continue heading in that direction with the rest of the outfit, styling a beautiful pastel pink blazer that is slightly oversized, the color is seriously gorgeous especially now that I got myself a little tan haha! And with a little a bit of turquoise playing peekaboo from inside I paired a cute blue and white stripe camisole underneath that I think really tied everything together. Accessorizing was easy, I simply put on my high top white converse and added a lovely pink and silver clutch with some different threaded colors that matched. Overall the fact that fashion is forever spinning is a major bonus, and of course not everything that comes back around is fabulous but there a definitely some yay moments...so keep your eyes open !

Zara shorts | Joules Clothing blazer | Gold Hawk camisole | Converse hightops | World Family Ibiza clutch

Photography by Regina Raz

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