Can we talk about how much fun midi tulle skirts are? I don’t wear mine all the time as I would usually go for a jean when getting dressed, but let me tell you every time I put that baby on I literally have the funnest time. It flows around you and literally just makes you feel like a ballerina.

I usually go for a more edgy version when styling my tulle skirt, by pairing it with a band tee and converse. But I wanted to play a little differently this time and also do something with more spring/summer vibes. So I went for a little white frilled crop top with a halter neckline, it’s really cute, chic and definitely on the feminine side with the little frill. Topping it off with white leather sandals, a fabulous black straw bag (seriously one of the best things I found as I’m someone who will definitely wear black during summer and trying to find a bag was challenging but alas I did it), also tied a black and white polka dot scarf in a bow around the handle to give the outfit a little something extra. I know a tulle skirt is not for everyone (maybe a classic midi will be the way to go for you, with a white button up instead) but for all those that are willing to give it a go especially in black - they are really fun, can easily translate from day to night with a change of accessory and can be done in either a more feminine way like I did here or more of an edgy rocker with chucks and band enjoy lovelies !!

Minimum skirt | Zara top | Robert Clergerie sandals | Zara bag

Photography by Regina Raz

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