Week two of re-styling a main piece from my wardrobe. For those that know the blog you have probably read and seen all about statement jackets, the truth is they aren’t always super fancy they can also be just a bit above a simple jacket - like this gorgeous renaissance inspired denim jacket.

This is a piece I love but wish I wore more often hence slightly restyling it so its wearable in a spring situation rather than in winter, wear I usually get the most out of it. This outfit isn’t too far away from its original styling but like I said I wanted to simply make it wearable for the warmer months. You should all know by now that a denim ensemble is one of my all time favorites (I will whip them out when ever I can) hence styling this fabulous renaissance jacket with its wonderful V of buttons and cool cut out elbows with a pair of slightly frayed yet rolled up denim shorts - remember when doing a double denim you want to keep the shades relatively close together or if you vary a little have a belt/tie to break the colors up in the middle. Any-who finishing off the look with super cute Oxford shoes, gold hoops and a fabulous limited edition blue leather and denim Marc Jacobs bag, thank you to my awesome family for that birthday present! As I was saying and what these latest posts are all about is utilizing everything in your wardrobe and getting the most out of the pieces you buy. Of course we all wear our favorite pair of jeans and basic tee’s to within an inch of their lives, but what about all those lovely things you bought that you only thought of one way to wear them and did, well I’m hear to tell/show you that there is almost always multiple ways to style and item of clothing - so have fun and enjoy the process of creating new looks with your favorite pieces that don’t get out enough!

p.s this jacket can also be worn with a men’s button up underneath with the collar popping out (as I have previously done) or open with a t-shirt and jeans/shorts what ever the weather permits. As well as a pair of white denim jeans or even black depending on the shoes and bag situation! See already so many different options - I’m excited aren't you ?

One teaspoon jacket | One teaspoon shorts | Marc Jacobs bag | Seebychloe shoes

Photography by Regina Raz

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