This weeks outfit was all about mixing and styling different textures together. Some really gorgeous pieces can come out of adding interesting and beautiful embellishments to a garment. Case in point this gorgeous green box jacket, slightly military in its design structure but with beautiful cream embroidered/tasseled embellishments on the sleeves and around the bottom that are decorated with little bronze and gold coins.

It really is such a good piece for any spring/summer wardrobe it's light weight and can be worn done up as a top or open as a jacket. I obviously went the jacket route styling it with a really cool gold metal thread singlet that is actually quiet long so I tucked one side into a pocket (good trick if you don't want to show your pants) I had some peek a boo off white denim shorts on underneath, but I just kept it relatively simple with the styling as the fabulous jacket really does all the talking. Again went pretty light on the accessories with gold chains - one long piece that I knotted at the base to give it a chunkier look, my gold hoops that are definitely getting a workout, a little gold woven clutch to match as well as super pretty canvas platform sandals that just go so perfectly with the jacket. So you see I have multiple textures going on here from simple cotton with beautiful embellishments to metal threading and classic denim it just all comes together to create something really fun and a little different, so don't be afraid to go for those interesting pieces and try mixing it with things that aren't the usual go to.

Zara jacket | Marlena Birger top | SeebyChloe sandals | Forever21 clutch | Zara shorts

Photography by Regina Raz

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