I have to say personally I have a really good time wearing a flowing maxi skirt ! Not only are they a really cute and chic pieces when done right, they are light, feminine and sway when you walk making you feel all royal (minus the gown). They really are a fabulous edition to a spring/summer wardrobe especially when done in a floral print.

I found the epitome of a spring maxi skirt in this gorgeous floral pink number, it even has little flower cut outs all through it - really driving those vibes home. It's so light weight giving it a lot of movement, especially with a little play of the wind. Now if anyone has gotten to know me they will know that I'm not one to go ultra feminine even when I wear a girly piece, hence styling this lovely skirt with a denim vest I only did two buttons up leaving the rest open to add some sexiness to it as well as tying a bow at the waist with a denim belt softening the vest while giving the outfit shape. There is just something so chic about combining flowing skirts or dresses with a denim piece, when done correctly it can really never fail! When it comes to accessories I'm usually one to go for necklaces but lately I'm really into wearing statement earrings, and you don't get more of a statement than these stunning long pink feathered earrings, I really didn't need much more than them because they really do give you everything! Except a place to hold your phone hence my cute little straw bag and some converse on my feet (I may or may not wear them too much). In short if your not opposed to wearing a skirt definitely give a flowing maxi a go this spring/summer they are light oh so fun and can easily be styled as causally or as fancy as you like!

Saint skirt | Acquaverde vest | Zara bag | Converse sneakers

*unfortunaly the skirts brand does not have a website and I bought my earrings so long ago I don't remember the brand

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