Can we please take a minute to truly understand and take in the fabulousness of the jumpsuit! Ladies it is literally one piece that's it, you don't have to spend 30 minutes trying to find items that match when you have a jumpsuit, it is one of the greater joys to simply head to your wardrobe and slide one of those beauties on up!

Due to it being spring (although it feels like summer...why??) anyways because of the lovely weather I got this gorgeous lightweight yet long sleeved button up jumpsuit decorated with some lovely palm leaves that lend to some fun vacation vibes. It has a tie around the waist that highlights your figure, which I think is always a lovely addition to a shapeless jumpsuit. The main part when creating an outfit from a jumpsuit is the accessories as they will definitely follow you through to the finish line. I went for a gorgeous green stone necklace followed by a bunch of gold chains, lovely gold hoops (super into hoop earrings at the moment) converse on my feet and a really cute simple net bag that I bought so I could tie scarfs on the inside to give it the full bag experience. So that is it lovelies, jumpsuits are literally amazing and we should all be forever grateful to their creator for it's their absolute fabulousness!

One Teaspoon jumpsuit | H&M hoops | Converse sneakers

*my net bag is from a french deli, and my necklace was created by an old friend of my mama

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