Now this is a statement jacket people! not only is it super cool and utterly chic but it has an actual statement to it. This jacket which I was lucky enough to get for my birthday is created by a Tunisian born artist who decided to mix art and fashion together by designing jackets and having

artist/painters etc come and paint on them - how cool is that?!

With a jacket like this you really don't need to be too out there with the rest of your outfit as it really does most of the talking for you. So I went for a simple yet elegant and oh so lovely white maxi tank dress that definitely shows my figure, but I also loved the pairing as it mixes both feminine and edgy vibes together which is something I love doing! Although I did have a little fun with the accessories I kept them pretty much on theme with the jacket. Going for red converse, a red bandana rolled and tied around my neck as well as a gorgeous silver paint brush necklace (seriously how awesome is it!!) for the finish. I didn't have a bag to go with this look so I pocketed everything, however a simple white box bag or even a little day time silver clutch would work perfectly with an outfit like this. Again it is all about finding, collecting or receiving gorgeous statement pieces that you can wear over and over without fear that it is no longer "trendy".

Love x Fashion x Art jacket | Acquaverde dress | Converse shoes

*unfortunately I do not remember the brand name of the necklace

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