For all those who have ever seen my blog/Instagram you will know that I love a good high waisted well anything really. Especially because I have a long torso it is much more flattering for me to go a medium - high waisted route then low riders. Also because of my body shape it's actually quite hard to find high waisted pants that truly reach my waist, but alas I found these amazing black 3/4 casual suit pants that are extremely high waisted...yay me.

These pants really reminded me of Audrey Hepburn and her fabulous style because of the vintage feel and cut of the pant. So I decided to pay a little homage in my on way, by styling my pants with a gorgeous sheer button up only closing one button and then tying it in a bow at my waist. I also put a lacy black bralette on for a little added sexiness to the overall look. Now to my accessories I got these fabulous black mules adorned with pearls for my birthday recently let's just say I was pretty excited opening that box! Finishing off with some gold necklaces and bracelets, white little bow earrings along with my trusty little black box bag. To the point finding those pieces that just absolutely suit your body type and that you love wearing is a real treat. It really is one of the more important things when finding your style and building a perfect wardrobe to truly know your body shape and what style and cuts suit you!

Lazy Oaf pants | Sacks button up | Schutz mules | Ralph Lauren bag

Photography by Regina Raz

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