I've never been an ultra feminine dresser as my go too is usually jeans/cutoffs depending on the weather with a t-shirt and Chuck Taylor's. However there are some lovely times where you will find me in something else especially during spring and summer.

Like this gorgeous floral print pale pink dress, it's feminine and sexy yet had a little edge to it with the sharp angular cut of the bottom. I decided to have some fun mixing prints so on top of my lovely dress I styled a fabulous fuchsia striped linen coat which is a perfect go to during spring as it is relatively light weight, while still warding off that lingering chill, bonus points for being totally chic too. Accessorizing this outfit with a beautiful flower inspired necklace also in matching colors to my dress and coat, a gorgeous hand made raffia bag also containing floral designs (clearly I'm really embracing spring with this one) alas I didn't go completely to the 'other side' by keeping my awesome converse on my little feet. I also feel that by styling this outfit or something similar with sneakers is a great way to dress it down a bit and make it street wearable. Of course you can easily put on a pair of wedges or slides and head off to a midday event with an outfit like this - it is totally versatile while still giving you all those lovely spring feels we've just come out of our winter caves of black for.

Forever 21 dress | Eva Mendel Baum coat | Jamin Puech bag | Peter Lang necklace | Converse sneakers

*Eva Mendel Baum doesn't have an website unfortunately

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