Springtime is almost upon us and I have to say I am a little excited for those beautiful blue sky days and blooming flowers. However I'm not exactly ready to send my winter clothes into hibernation, especially since I've been getting so much inspiration from all these incredible layered outfits from my favourite bloggers lately.

So I decided to find some spring time layers, that being light weight options that I can just pile on. Now my all time go to layering is a button up shirt underneath a sweater (the fabric depends on the weather obviously) and I think it really is one of the best options. So for this look I went for a long white button up worn underneath a blue light weight sweater with fabulous frilled & parachute polka dot sleeves - that really gives the look some fun, flirty and chic vibes. Clearly that wasn't enough layering for me, so I went and added a denim vest over the top, getting me as close to my winter inspiration as possible. Styling it with a pair of baggy super ripped jeans - had to show some skin somewhere, white converse, a super cute red fluffy hand bag and a small extra for the finish a little gold carriage broach that I bought 10min before this shoot, yay me! Obviously ladies you can stop at the sweater and not add on that last layer, but the point of it was no matter what the inspiration is, we can always find a way to make it work for us - unless it's a puff jacket in the middle of summer then just forget about it !

Clu sweater | Aquaverde denim vest | Cheap Monday button up | Zara jeans | Converse sneakers

Bershka bag | Keren Wolf broach

Photography by Regina Raz

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