There are always fashion trends that are forever coming around again (some in my opinion that are much better than others). We get so excited about them and embrace it like we have never seen it before - like our parents didn't wear exactly that in their high school days haha! The mom jean is a fine example of a trend that has come way back around.

I mean how much are we loving those? It is definitely one I am happy has returned, I am totally loving and embracing it. Especially with these super cool black marble high waisted ones with

ripped cuffs that give it a bit of a modern twist. However just like there are trends that go and come back there are ones that are forever with us; stripes for example will never go anywhere and you all know how much I love a good stripe... and when it is a button up I can just sigh with happiness. Along with stripes velvet is also always being created and designed in new wonderful ways, like this awesome denim inspired black velvet jacket, could that get any better. Now all together a stripe button up, mom jeans and a velvet jacket are all relatively simple however it is the little things that take an outfit to new heights. For example knotting my shirt at the waist just above my jeans highlighted my figure while doing up my shirt all the way and pushing my jacket sleeve up to show more of the stripes gives it all an edgy chicness rather than just having a jacket worn classically over the top. Finishing off the look with converse of course, a gorgeous detailed black leather bag and a little R2D2 necklace (had to get my quirk in). All in all you have the fun combination of old trends and ones that are always available to us, lucky for us we have the ability to enjoy them all, but just to remember it's all about the little extra details that can make the whole outfit pop.

Insight jeans | Paige jacket | Ralph Lauren shirt | Daniella Lehavi bag | Converse shoes

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