If any of you read last weeks post you know it was all about those statement pieces, with an emphasis on coats. I just wanted to expand a bit more on that this week on how important I feel collectibles are in your wardrobe especially if you are wanting to optimize and grow your clothes in the best way possible.

Collectibles are almost like good jewelry they have the ability to last you a very long time and can be brought out and worn on a regular basis (although not be something you wear to death everyday), it's about finding those interesting pieces not necessarily expensive but that aren't disposable trends. Like this beautiful painted and embroidered backless silk top, it is a unique piece that gives you so many feels, from elegant femininity, to sexy, edgy and daring with its backless-ness. I wanted to mix up the styling a little bit color wise so I went for a dark grey denim jean, that goes nicely with the embroidery paired with a bourdeaux bomber jacket with pointy boots to match and a little embroidered bag to tie it all together. Now I know that this top is definitely not for everyone, if you loved the rest of the look but aren't sure about the top you can go for a simple white or black t-shirt underneath. But the main point is to go for something a little different, to find those unique pieces that aren't trendy and or desposable but are long lasting like pieces of art in all essence that are "collectible".

Ra-Re by Flash & Partners Spa top | Cheap Monday jeans | Zara jacket | EEight by Miista boots | Jamin Puech bag

*note - this top is an old "collectible" and not in stores any longer*

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