One of the things I love most about winter is the ability to layer clothes, I get excited for it every time that lovely cold weather comes my way. There is just so many creative ways to style an outfit, wether it be classic, chic or edgy it is simply all in the layering.

Fluffy coats and jackets have been huge in fashion since last year, which is really amazing as it means there are a lot of different colors and sizes to find and choose from. That's how I got to this super cool blue fluffy coat with cute pink accents on the arms and down the back. Now for me this coat by itself was a bit overpowering because I have a smaller frame...the fix? layering of course! I decided I needed to bulk up a tad and did so by styling a pin stripe blazer done up underneath. It not only managed to highlight my figure but also give me some definition under all that fluff. Paired with a white button up shirt I definitely combined classic 'business' vibes with some fun and chic street style. Finishing the look off with black ripped jeans (made the holes myself) and leather combat boots just to give it all some edge and also balance out the 'heaviness' on top. I kept the accessories to a minimum with a pastel pink and black silk necktie and a similar colored stone ring as not much is needed with a layered coat look like this. Now this look can most definitely be pulled off without a fluffy coat, by going for a classic long coat or even a trench, but if you want to be a little fun and on trend the fluffiness is the way to go. Just remember a blazer underneath is the perfect way to keep your figure and give you that added dimension when layering a big coats.

Molliolli fur jacket | Zara blazer | Country Road button up | Cheap Monday jeans | Aldo boots

Photography by Regina Raz

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