I can safely say that I am definitely a fan of the big jackets leather or otherwise lined with faux fur that have been a huge trend this winter. They come in different colors and sizes as well as amounts of fur around the collar and sleeves, they are chic, edgy and can even be elegant which makes them a pretty ideal winter jacket.

As I am not one for huge amounts of color (obviously excluded red) I went for this really cool black pleather almost military style jacket, it has a relatively small about of fur showing around the collar and it's up to me to peekaboo some at the sleeves by rolling them up a tad. You really don't need to get too creative styling with a jacket like this one if it is in color, but because mine is black I could go for it as much as I wanted (likewise for you lovelies). I decided I wanted something to really pop from underneath the jacket so I went for a cool graphic red sweater with white stars down the front, styling it with a high waisted tapered mom jean and topping it off with sexy heeled leather ankle boots, my trusty box handbag, cute vintage captains hat, a red bandana neck chocker and an actual bag chain as a necklace. It is a tad more accessorizing than I normally do, but it totally works for this outfit - adding some serious cool 90s vibes to it.

Minimum jacket | South Parade sweater | Insight jeans | Shoe the Bear boots | Ralph Lauren bag

Photography by Regina Raz

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