I really felt like mixing it up for this week and doing something a little different but no less chic and fun. The idea of combining two different patterns together is not something that is often done but when it is and it is done right it can really be an amazing look!

I had this big gorgeous red, blue and cream check coat that I usually paired with a white or cream colored shirt - keeping it relatively simple underneath and just letting the coat do the talking. However I played around this week and decided to style it with a wonderful deep blue and white pinstripe button up. I adored the mix of these two patterns together, it was chic and a little preppy but overall it just really worked together ! Pairing it with blue denim jeans and accessorizing it my super cute red box handbag, a little lego piece necklace and of course a pair of converse on my feet. Now there are some let's say guidelines I would recommend when mixing two patterns together - choose one print to be the dominant one (mine was the check coat), keep the patterns in the same color wheel or at least have mutual colors hence the blue button up to go with the blue in the coat and lastly stripes are an excellent pattern to mix with, as they can always be considered a "neutral" party that you can pair pretty much anything with. So my lovely ladies and to those gentlemen who read my blog if your in the mood to have some fun and get creative with your wardrobe try mixing different patterns together, just remember (or don't - you can just do you) the guidelines I use and you should have a fabulously chic outfit as the outcome.

Zara coat | Ralph Lauren top | Cheap Monday jeans | Converse sneakers | Zara bag

Photography by Regina Raz

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