If any of you have been on my Instagram lately you know I was recently in Sweden, and if you read one of my latest captions you would know that sadly I was really sick on my vacation. So I did not get out much at all, luckily on one of the few days I was strong enough to be out and about - we visited a clothing outlet where I came across this absolutely stunning electric blue, double breasted coat, needless to say it travelled back home with me!

Coats have been and still are a huge trend this year for all your fall and winter outfits ! I am a huge fan of this trend there is just something amazing about a good coat. This year they have ranged anywhere from classic straight coats to fluffy teddy bears - giving you all the options depending on your weather and style preferences. Seeing as my climate is on the warmer side even during "winter" my lovely blue linen coat is exactly what the doctor ordered, as well as it being slightly oversized and double breasted it is right up my alley style wise. Styling this coat with a stunning blue velvet blouse with beautifully embroidered large bell sleeves, that I showcased by folding and pushing up my coat sleeves so they where on full display - it was definitely the perfect top to go underneath as it added touches of femininity and texture to the overall look. I went for a light washed denim with patches and rips to break up the dark blue and give it a slight bit of edge. Topping it off with a pair awesome black chunky platforms, a cute leather box handbag and one statement earring, that I feel just ties it all together like a bow on a birthday present. So ladies if you haven't got a coat in your winter wardrobe, what has been stopping you? Yes they might be on trend now, but they are timeless especially a classic double breasted or blazer style coat - they aren't going anywhere. Also a great fashion tip to take away from this not only if you have a beautiful sleeve you wish to showcase or just a different colored top you want a peek of, rolling and or pushing up your coat sleeves is a great way to do it - whether your wearing a jacket or short blazer it is something fun and a little different to do, so why not give it a go !

Tiger of Sweden coat | Misa Los Angeles blouse | Sugar Daddy jeans | Robert Clergerie' shoes

Ralph Lauren bag | Zara earring

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