Im not really one for bright colors unless it's red, blue or bordeaux, but definitely since starting this blog, my color horizons have expanded. Now that is not to say I'll be wearing a bold pink anytime soon or something that doesn't suit my color complexion as I'm usually quiet pale unless in the sun for a good amount of time. But I have found gorgeous options in the purple to pink range that I am loving at the moment!

Like this absolutely gorgeous smoky pink corduroy jacket. It has wonderful "purply" grey tones that really tickle my fancy and work really well with my skin tone. Continuing on with my color expansion I styled my jacket with a deep purple band singlet which I think goes fabulously together! Toning the look down with some simple high waisted jeans, brown heeled booties and a belt, while bringing the color back with a stunning vintage bordeaux leather handbag. I know that most will shy away from having by definition two different colors together, but ladies it can be done. You don't always have to go for the neutral tee underneath a colored jacket and vise versa. Going for the same color on the wheel but in a different shade or tone is how you want to go about it. Like I did having a deep purple with a smoky pink/purple hued jacket, or let's say a dark blue with a lighter blue underneath and again it can go either way. By mixing two of the same colors together but in different tones you get that lovely pop of color to your outfit without looking like a rainbow ice block. So there you have it, how I got that lovely bit of color that worked for me and my complexion while keeping it low key with a good denim jean !

Native Youth jacket | Junk Food shirt | Zara jeans | Manufacture D'essai boots

*my bag is an old vintage piece from a second hand store

Photography by Regina Raz

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