A couple of months ago I was at a sample sale of one of my favorite jean brands. While I was sifting through the racks I came across these black skin tight high waisted overalls. Now ladies what happened next is what I would assume is every girls dream shopping experience. There was only this one overall and when I tried it on I swear there were baby angels playing flutes because it went on like a dream - walking out of the change room it was a moment people!

Now I know overalls aren't for everybody and quiet a few actually shy away from them, maybe because they are usually on the baggy side but I have to tell you they are a really great addition to your wardrobe if you can find one that suits you! You can definitely take an overall and style it causally with a basic t-shirt or long sleeve and sneakers, which is something I would wear usually, however this time I felt like going for something a little bit different. Styling my awesome flared black overalls with an gorgeous black and silver sequin jacket - which I feel is an amazing piece especially for New Years! Anyway going back - due to the shape of the overall and the fact that I am on the small size in the breast region I vetoed a shirt and went for a lacy bra-let instead to give it a little sexiness. Topping it with a black fedora, sneakers (I told you I only changed it up a little) a black hand bag and silver carousel earrings for that added quirkiness. The right overall is truly a versatile piece, as it can go day to night, causal to fancy with a quick change of accessories, undershirts and or jackets. So why not go out and find that perfect one for you, where the baby angels sing as you put it on?

Cheap Monday overalls | Imperial jacket | Gucci bag | Converse sneakers | Hat - bought in paris vintage store

Photography by Regina Raz

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