If you are anything like me when it comes to clothes, you might have a few pieces in your wardrobe that are fabulous but for one reason or another you have rarely worn them. This was my deal with this gorgeous pastel pink pleated skirt... I adore it but hadn't really found a way to wear it - especially now that the weather is getting cooler.

That is until I styled the outfit of the polka dot jeans with a white belted blazer. It gave me the seed I needed to finally style my skirt in a chic and trendy yet weather appropriate way (insert wink face). Taking the skirt which I would define as a "summer/spring" piece and pairing it with an absolutely stunning brown suede jacket that definitely has a little vintage cowboy vibe going with its back flap and color - done up half way and belted at the waist not only to 'chicify' the overall look but to also highlight my figure and add a touch more femininity to the outfit. My last additions were beautiful brown leather and lace boots also with some cowboy vintage feels, a brown belt of course, gold and brown necklaces and a big leather cuff that I wore over the sleeve as my final touch. I think this is another prime example of bringing the world of masculine and feminine fashion together to create a really wonderful look. As I've said before this is definitely something that I love to do not only in mixing masculine and feminine but fancy with casual as well. So there you go lovely people, my creation from a skirt that I wasn't so sure how to style to a gorgeous outfit, that is ready for a day or night out on the town!

Cheryl Weir jacket | Bruce Field skirt | Emanuel boots | Fendi cuff

Photography by Regina Raz

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