So I was wandering the streets during a blog photo shoot and came across a lovely pop up store...with up to 80% off (I know amazing right?) and in this store I found these stunning red corduroy super high waisted pants. The pants are Isabel Marant so having them be on sale was like singing hallelujah! Ladies sales are a lovely thing and no I'm not talking about crazy Black Friday but just your good old fashion sales because you can really find some gems.

These pants were an absolutely amazing find! I had them slightly taken in at the bottom but otherwise they were a perfect fit. With that gorgeous deep red color, wonderfully cut high waist (which is challenge for me to find as I have a long torso) and fabulous corduroy fabric these pants are not only sexy, but have a little rocker chic in them. Styling it with a cool Pink Floyd band t-shirt and a classic vintage denim jacket, which I bought at a little vintage store while working in New York. Finishing off the look with converse and a super cute red box bag with a lovely knot bow on top, sometimes bringing in that little feminine touch just softens a bit of the 'edge' and ties the whole look together. In some of my previous posts I've written about broadening your style horizons, going outside of your 'style comfort zones' and being able to find something amazing. I 100% stand by those statements, but you can also happen upon pieces that are right up your alley, that take you right back to what I call your style roots. For me it was this rocker chic outfit featuring vintage, a band t-shirt, the color red in these fabulous pants as well as a pair of converse on my feet. So yes do go out and broaden your style aesthetic but definitely don't pass up on those wonderful pieces that really suit you!

Isabel Marant pants | Lauren Moshi shirt | Wrangler denim jacket | Zara bag | Converse sneakers

Photography by Regina Raz

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