Inspiration is a wonderful thing, it is something available to everyone. You can create it, give it to others and receive it in abundance. My outfit this week was inspired by a male blogger/photographer 1924us and his girlfriend Elle-May with their vintage and eclectic style and overall rawness gave me my inspiration that will hopefully inspire a cool and chic look for you.

Going with the theme of eclectic vintage and pairing different pieces together, I took a gorgeous white blazer and belted it at the waist with a brown leather belt - not only to enhance and highlight my figure but to bring a little bit of femininity to an overall more masculine outfit. Styling the blazer with white polka doted blue boyfriend jeans, which totally brings a fun quirky aspect to my look! Topping it off with brown leather boots with that classic print that I find wholly vintage and a red paisley men's tie around my neck (one of my favorite parts of the look). So this is what came from me being inspired by this wonderful couple, a look that combines the world of masculine business with the blazer and tie with a world that is fun, casual and vintage in the pants and boots. I think that there is always so much out there, new trends and old trends coming back that we almost become numb to it all, but I feel that if you just take a step back open your eyes and broaden your awareness there is incredible inspiration to be found. Not only in the new trendy isle but in all those different styles that maybe are not in your general comfort zone but could amount to something wonderful !

Little Joe blazer | Heartless jeans | Chiaroscuro boots | Paco Rabanne tie

Photography by Regina Raz

*1924us & Elle-May Leckenby - my inspiration this week!

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