I think I've mentioned my love of statement pieces and how I think everyone should have at least one piece in your wardrobe that when you bring it out, it is a total wow moment that has people stopping you on the streets asking where you got it! A really easy way to have a fabulous statement piece is to go for a jacket as they can pretty much go with any outfit and are so findable!

Just like this amazing multi colored sequin jacket I found in one of my favorite boutiques. It definitely isn't my usual color wheel but as I said in last weeks post (if you read it) is that since starting the blog I have definitely broadened my style and color zone. So viola a crazy stunning sequin jacket that would stop anyone walking by. Another wonderful thing about a statement jacket is that the base outfit should and almost has to be simple, otherwise it can be too busy and too much. Hence the lovely combination and easy styling of a classic white t-shirt and blue denim jeans. Although the jeans do have an added little something with the star patches on the knees bringing a bit more fun to the overall look. Finishing it off with blue converse, a little glittery clutch and a super cute hot air balloon necklace, what more could you want. So find whatever works for whether it be sequins, embroidery, embellishment or amazing cut to turn that simple jacket into your statement piece. Definitely remember to keep your base outfit simple and in a neutral color scheme. On another note how great is it that sequins are in right now because who doesn't love a good sequin number!!

Saint jacket | Mcguire jeans | Majestic t-shirt | Mila Louise clutch | Converse shoes

Photography by Regina Raz

* Jacket & Jeans from Pure Boutique

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