Growing up I was definitely more 'tom boy' inclined then 'girly' in my style of dressing. Naturally as I grew up, your style develops and more fashion doors are opened. Especially since starting Girl, I Got You my already broad style has grown and incorporated more feminine aspects that I probably wouldn't have experimented much with prior to starting the blog.

Of course my 'tom boy' inclination is still strong as my go to outfits are usually comprised of jeans a t-shirt and a pair of converse. But I do like to have fun mixing and matching and sometimes combining different styles. That is where this amazing outfit came about. I got this gorgeous tulle skirt at the store I work part time in, and I could not pass it up! It is flirty and feminine as it is inspired by a ballerina tutu, but it's black and not so puffy so I could totally work with it! I couldn't run completely in the other direction so obviously I whipped out one of my tees, a super cool Pink Floyd band tee (not vintage this time). Styling the look with low top black converse...duh! A purple bandana as a choker, two quirky pieces of jewelry - a boot and the millennium falcon, for those who have no idea, it's hans solo's ship from Star Wars! Finishing it off with a gorgeous hand black bag. I know I say it often but it is so true, fashion is fun, it has endless possibilities of mixing and matching and being creative. If you do love fashion and have the time go into your wardrobes and those of your mums, siblings or friends if you can, dig deep and pull out those pieces that you can mix with things that a trending now. As I really hope that what I can do with this blog is inspire you to get creative and step out of your comfort style and have fun!

Minimum skirt | Junk food t-shirt | Converse sneakers | Versace bag

Photography by Regina Raz

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