So in the lovely city where I currently reside the changing weather can't make up its mind - how cute is my rhyme ? Haha Anywho because the temperature is all over the place finding what to wear is a little tricky. Now the obvious thing is to go for jeans and a short sleeve combo because that's what you usually do when the weather changes.

However it was not what a felt like doing, so I went for a classic button up shirt, in stripes of course pairing it with little black shorts. The top is on the longer side making it look like a little dress, so having the shorts underneath visible or not is a reassuring feeling. Wanting to add some chicness by way of layering I styled a sleeveless white coat over the top, which you can leave open having the whole shirt visible or do as I did and tie a bow at the waist to highlight your figure ! To finish it all of styling a super cool pair of black leather high top converse, a gorgeous round leather handbag and two necklaces, one a simple gold chain and the second a little black mustache because I have to get my quirky in!! Furthermore ladies it really is simple to find a super cute and chic look from a couple of basic pieces, you only need those final tweaks like the bow or some fun jewelry to change it up and bring it to a different place. Dressing up a look like this is also super easy, changing up the shoes is the way I would do it. Either with a brogue or a thigh-high boot heel or flat depending on where your going and of course if it gets cooler a pair of black jeans will do the trick!

Ralph Lauren button up | Milly sleeveless coat | Converse shoes | Oroton bag

Photography by Regina Raz

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