Taking a fancy top, dressing it down and making it street wearable is something I love to do, and if you follow Girl, I Got You you've seen it done a couple of ways. However I will never tire of doing it and there will always be new ways to work a top and new tops to rework.

Black cut off shorts, a pair of converse obviously, a super cute black and silver sparkly hand bag and a bird ring (quirky jewelry...again obviously) all combined is a rather simple look. But when styled with this gorgeous one sleeved black top with it's fabulous parachute sleeve, circle cut out and pull bow on the side, the look is definitely elevated to different levels of chic and stylish. On a side note Im also one for utilizing the wardrobes of family and friends, as this top was actually given to me by a family friend ! Anywho keeping the outfit to one color allows the look to stay in the realm of 'casual'. Semi fancy to fancy tops are excellent in my eyes, as they are super versatile being able to go from day to night and causal to glamorous by way of pants, shoes and accessories. By pairing shorts and sneakers with this top I have 'casualized' my everyday look but by going for jeans/pants and a heel as well as some staple earrings you are easily ready for a night out. So go on find that fancy top that works for you and have fun mixing it up!

Prada top | DL1961 shorts | Luana bag | Converse sneakers

Photography by Roscoe Raz

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