I love the idea of taking something simple and classic, mixing it up a bit and pushing it over that edge of basic into something while still simple is chic and stylish. My classic pieces? A white button and denim, it probably doesn't get much more classic and simple than that.

How did I change up my white button down...easy I made it off the shoulder, by buttoning up the last 3 buttons from the bottom and pushing the top off my shoulders. That in turn moved it straight on out of the business arena and into sexy and chic that can be styled for day or night depending on your bottoms! Since I was just strolling around town a paired it with my second classic piece - denim, switching it up by going for a cut off denim skirt instead of shorts or jeans. Fun fact I bought this as a long denim skirt as I loved the style and the buttons, cutting it off myself to get the desired short denim skirt! Topping it off with an absolutely gorgeous multi colored leather briefcase handbag, super cute blue striped espadrille slip ons and a lovely pair of white earrings and a pearl ring for the finish. That's it ladies a simple, chic and sexy look that is so easy to do. If you aren't a big cut off denim skirt person or up for knotting your shirt, give the button up off the shoulder look a try or even off one shoulder, but pair it with jeans or a lovely pant...but for those who are heading into warmer months why not give it a go with what works for you?

Ralph Lauren shirt | Zara skirt | BadimTLV bag | Gap espadrilles

Photography by Regina Raz

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