A few weeks ago I did a post on how to dress down a fancy top and make it street or 'every day' wearable as I like to say. Going off of that idea, I thought to myself what else can I take and make it street worthy? The answer a flowing gown...

Didn't see that one coming did you? Mind blown I know ! So I took this absolutely stunning cream gown that definitely has some Grecian feels with it's braid tie around, ruffled plunging neck line and open back. Thinking to myself what would bring it down, and the answer is almost always in my case a pair of converse sneakers! For this particular dress I went for a old white pair that are a little on the busted side to really give it that push into the other direction. What also changed it up was tying the bottom of the material up and around the braid, making the gown shorter and asymmetrical - moving it away from gown to just a dress. Styling it simply with a gold straw clutch and super cute gold coat hanger earrings..I know how awesome are they? Now I know I am in sand dunes while trying to say this is street wearable but you know photographic effect people ! But I would definitely wear this out maybe not to Whole Foods as Nini Leaks would say but to lunch ? Easy !! However my challenge to you is to go into your lovely wardrobes find those fancy pieces you bought either for a friends wedding or just a formal event and see how you can 'rework' them into an everyday outfit. Change up the shoes, try a belt, a jacket maybe even a denim or leather vest but why not give it ago if it is just hanging there all by its lonesome ?

Lisa Brown dress | Converse sneakers | Forever 21 clutch

Photography by Regina Raz

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