At one time or another I think everyone has bought a gorgeous top, a statement piece of a blouse. You got it specifically for an event or for "going out". Now it just sits in your wardrobe because you feel it's too fancy to wear just casually... however that is a challenge I love to play against and this is how i did it !

I took this absolutely stunning turquoise top, backless and with a large ruffled neckline, it is definitely a statement piece with a whole lot of romance and sexiness. So how did I go about turning it into a wearable outfit ? First I paired it with dark denim shorts, that automatically calmed the look down, added some trusty low top blue sneakers and to top it off a cute dark sparkly clutch (pretty much the only way I go when it comes to sparkles) lovely blue rock diamond shaped earrings and for the finishing touch...which I find totally awesome! I got a tie and used it as a waist belt and instead of tying it in a bow or in a knot I tied it like a proper tie!! I think it gave a nice whimsical touch to the overall romance of the top. So go ahead ladies check you, your mums or your sisters wardrobes and get out those fabulous tops you do really want to wear but can't find the time or place, and get creative - find the ways that work for you ! Almost always pairing a statement top with denim will 'casualize' the look and adding a fashionable sneaker, it will pretty much be a done deal.

Rebecca Taylor top | Forever 21 shorts | Converse sneakers | Mila Louise clutch | Guy Laroche tie

Photography by Regina Raz

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